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Mandolin Cafe

Shared by Dawn Mandolin Cafe Photo

The mandolin holds a special place in my heart and in the community of highlands. It's warm, welcoming and unique vibe makes it the perfect place to get away. Cozy on a cold winters day or a summer time patio filled with beautiful flowers.
Located in one of the oldest districts in Edmonton. Community, arts and sustainability focused. They sell and trade books, display different artists work each month and have an amazing selection of loose tea. Each time I come here it's a unique and special experience.

Mandolin Cafe Photo

Seeing the new AGA for the first time

Shared by Chris 2 Sir Winston Churchill Sq, Edmonton, AB T5J 2C1, Canada Seeing the new AGA for the first time Photo

I remember going to the new AGA for the first time with my dad and my soon-to-be wife. We had an incredible moment looking at the new building. We were so excited about the kind of arts facility that our city was willing to invest in! It was such a fantastic watershed moment. Let's see more of this in the next ten years. I want our arts facilities to be the envy of North America.

Seeing the new AGA for the first time Photo
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