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Let's save our built heritage

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My dream is to live in a city that encourages the preservation an use of heritage buildings. The Minchau Blacksmith shop is one of the few actually old buildings left in "Old" Strathcona. It is in the heart of what is becoming revitalized commercial, residential, and artistic community, with new theatres being put into repurposed buildings, new cafes and restaurants, new craft industries and new residential opportunities. The recent application for demolition of the Minchau Blacksmith shop swims against the current of the community's positive development. The idea of demolishing this built -cultural example of Strathcona's blacksmithing heritage -- blacksmithing being one of the oldest of craft industries -- is an insult to the community and the many creative, risk-taking entrepreneurs who are every day making Strathcona a better place to live, work, shop, and create.

Let's save our built heritage Photo

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