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A New Beginning

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I love the little spot off Saskatchewan drive, that was affectionately referred to by its visitors as "the end of the world," which actually used to appear on google maps. The location is a old worn down structure, where people have gathered to hang out, and look at the beautiful view of the city skyline and river. Sadly, the place has decayed over the years. I know there had been plans to renovate the area, and clean up all of the garbage, create a lovely little looking spot. I was surprised to see that nothing has taken place yet, instead a fence put up and signs saying it is illegal to trespass there. Everyone continues to go anyway, because it is a truly beautiful spot. I have gone at nighttime with friends, blankets and hot chocolate in the summer time to watch a meteor shower. This spot has been the inspiration for many beautiful photos and paintings. I would love to see the area transformed, cleaned and reclaimed as a spot of inspiration and gathering for Edmontonians. I have been going to this spot for years as a quiet getaway from the city, out of earshot of the nearby streets, it is a gorgeous spot to sit and contemplate lifes great wonders. I have met some interesting people while there as well, and watched many beautiful sunsets white sitting on the perch. It would be amazing to see this hideaway transformed into a safe seating area, where people could come and enjoy a beautiful spot that Edmonton has to offer. Thank you :)

A New Beginning Photo

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