Talus Dome

River Valley Whitemud, Edmonton, AB T6G, Canada

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The Talus Dome - Up Close

Shared by Daniel O The Talus Dome - Up Close Photo

The much-maligned Talus Dome, or Talus Balls, as they call them. Perhaps the most criticized piece of art in the city? Maybe, but I don't think you'll hear anyone who's seen them up close say a bad word about them. Getting up close to it requires a little bit of a trek up (you can't practically get to it by car), but if you make the journey, you get a reward. It's engaging to see your reflection moving in every ball - giving you a neat new perspective on a traditional mirror. Maybe such a great piece of art should be in the middle of Winston Churchill Square or somewhere with more traffic. But why should public art be limited to the places you expect to see public art? Make sure the rest of the city can get some too!

The Talus Dome - Up Close Photo

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