High Level Bridge

109 Street and Saskatchewan Drive

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Arts & Heritage - building an urban identity

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Public art provides a new perspective, concept or ideas that elevates people above their day-to-day utilitarian routines. Public art creates a new level of cultural experience that brings enjoyment and unlocks imagination. Both public art and built heritage, staged within a background of contemporary architecture, provide a cultural experience that allows people to reflect on who they are in the context of current and past aesthetic and socio-economic values. This experience creates a sense of belonging (to a society or a place) and a sense of pride, it creates urban identity and a memorable "image of the city". This is what makes public art and built heritage such an important element of city environment and urban live, now and throughout the history.

The view of Edmonton's skyline from the south end of High Level Bridge is breathtaking - it makes me happy that I am part of this city.

Arts & Heritage - building an urban identity Photo

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