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Hangar 11

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Constructed in 1942, Hangar 11 is one of only two Second World War era hangars remaining at Blatchford Field. Now owned by the City of Edmonton, Hangar 11 is facing demolition as part of the redevelopment of the airport lands.
In an effort to raise awareness about the threat of demolition, Hangar 11 was featured on the @nationaltrustca 2017 list of Top 10 Endangered historic places in all of Canada. A recent report prepared by the City of Edmonton identified this site as one of national significance to the war effort, and a site of unquestionable historic value in Edmonton's history. Not only does Hangar 11 serve as a vital connection to our past, our efforts to end WWII and combat tyranny in Europe, but it was also pivotal in Edmonton's larger urban development as a city, and in providing the critical connection point to the peoples of the North.
Edmonton was a hub of activity during the Second World War. Thanks to our role in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan and the American Lend-Lease program, Blatchford Field was - for a time - the busiest airport in the continent as pilots were trained up and shipped off, and as planes and essential supplies for the war effort passed through on their way to Europe via the Northwest Staging Route. It was from Edmonton that the Allies were able to supply the Russians with fighter planes to help put the pinch on the Germans in their push to Berlin.
Not only does Hangar 11 have a tremendous national historical significance for its role in the war effort and later in it's role in developing the North, but the structure is also in remarkable condition and is well suited for preservation or a creative adaptive reuse project to enrich the future Blatchford community.

Hangar 11 Photo

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