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9330 Groat Road, Edmonton, AB T6G 2A8

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Symphony Under the Sky / Freewill Shakespeare Fest

Shared by Dan Rose Symphony Under the Sky / Freewill Shakespeare Fest Photo

The Symphony Under the Sky and the Freewill Shakespeare Festival are two incredible opportunities to take part in the arts and culture scene in Edmonton, in an accessible venue and without the intimidating crowd or space usually associated with orchestra music and theater. It's so great to sit outside on a warm summer evening and immerse yourself in something new. Would love to see more opportunities to bring art, music and theater outside of the usual brick and mortar institutions, to where people are, and to create new experiences for new audiences.

Symphony Under the Sky / Freewill Shakespeare Fest Photo

My First Heritage Festival

Shared by Jim Gibbon My First Heritage Festival Photo

My first Edmonton Heritage Festival visit was life changing.

I remember visiting the Portugal Pavilion and I remember a barbecued sardine on a stick. I spent the remainder of the day visiting the world in Hawrelak park.

And I remember marveling at our little city on the prairies.

My First Heritage Festival Photo

My first Heritage Days

Shared by Stephen M Williams My first Heritage Days Photo

As a University of Alberta student in the early 90's I was living on campus, and stayed for the summer. Edmonton opened itself to me as a place that was not just a grey and white winter landscape. The green hues of the mid-summer led to biking and walking around the river valley.

One of those weekends I stumbled upon the Heritage Days festival and was stunned at the variety of different people, food, dance and craft that was on display. I spent much of that weekend walking down from the U of A campus to just hang out and absorb.

One of my lasting memories of Edmonton... arguably that was when I started to be a nascent "Edmontonian" after several years of just visiting for school.

My first Heritage Days Photo

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