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Garneau School, 87 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB

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Trailer Biking With My Son

Shared by As told to Colin Matty by a citizen Trailer Biking With My Son Photo

I was living downtown and my son was attending Garneau School. In the mornings, I would attach a trailer bike to my bicycle, and my son and I would ride across the high level bridge together. I would drop him off at school, lock up his trailer bike, then take myself to work at the University and returning at the end of the day to bike home with him.

One day I had to return downtown in the middle of the day and it was invigorating to take in the sites of multiple neighborhoods in one afternoon, then be able to return to the south side to pick up my son. There was a real joy in the freedom, and it gave me a rare sense of the city as a whole. Now I live out past Winterburn Road, and cycling to work is no longer an option. But that year riding the bridge with my son was special.

Trailer Biking With My Son Photo

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