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End of Steel Park

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I remember passing this odd green patch as a kid and having no idea why a caboose was in a park. It wasn't until I lived nearby that I wandered through the park one day and learned the history of the park, the caboose, and the concrete blocks that marked the "end of steel". I always thought this was a fascinating place that marked a pivotal junction (no pun intended) in Edmonton's history. Many would be inclined to see this as the start of Edmonton's history. My hope for Edmonton's heritage is that we can better program and interpret these sites, and place them in a broader historical context acknowledging that this place is, in fact, hardly the start or even the middle part of Edmonton's story. I do think it great that we use our public spaces to educate citizens and offer space for history, art, and dialogue. This is, however, also a public park, with a unique heritage focus, that I think the City has forgotten about as the plaques and audio features are long since broken or missing.

End of Steel Park Photo

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