Edmonton International Airport

Edmonton International Airport, Nisku, AB T0C 0V0, Canada

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I was enrolled in a University of Alberta Extension drawing class, and one evening I noticed an article posted in the hallway that offered artists the opportunity to study in Rome for two months. I knew I was going! My love of marble was calling. To my delight it was everywhere! In the fountains, in the museums, even forming the curb stones.

With a professor from the Classics department at the University of Rome as our guide, we were no longer tourists, but artists on a journey. I quickly learned to expect a delight of images when I turned each corner. Strong shadows and brilliant sunlight, patterns and texture, line and movement.

I saw people who lived and breathed art.

When I looked at art again once I got back – I simply felt, I could do it! Since then I’ve given the space to students to start their journey as well. Twelve years of giving back the inspiration that was given to me – here at home.

Inspire Others Photo

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