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To me, the Edmonton Arts Council is more family than organization. I remember how overwhelmed I was at my first board meeting. I was lost in acronyms and budgets. They must have noticed, because Jeff Haslam stopped the meeting immediately to remind everyone to be more welcoming. Everyone kindly agreed without a hint of any condescending or demeaning tones for the remainder of the meeting.

Although I am no longer on the board, I always feel included. Because of how welcoming they are, I either visit or call regularly to check in.

I look forward to what the Arts Council has to offer in the coming years!

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Building Connections (an example)

Shared by Sydney Lancaster Building Connections (an example) Photo
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One of the things that has always struck me about the arts community here in #YEG is the desire amongst its various practitioners to embrace risk and try new things. Part of that stems from necessity (we are small but mighty), but also from the generous and DIY spirit that so many of us embrace. One of the things that could make our collective ambitions manifest into real sustainability (and real income) for creators here is a single place for people to FIND US - and for all of us to FIND OPPORTUNITIES - for work, for collaborations, for all sorts of resources. A program & website like ART$PAY could do just that - and raise the profile of all creators in the City, while providing a simple way for people to hire, commission, and pay (properly) for all kinds of art. We need a made-in-YEG version of this!

Building Connections (an example) Photo

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