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When Shakespeare Connects

Shared by Catrin When Shakespeare Connects Photo

It was Hamlet. Played by David Storch and my date was an eleven year old riveted by the athleticism of Storch and power of Hamlet's pain. Of course, it was hard for a kid to keep track of who was a ghost and who had betrayed whom, and who was servant or master, but he felt the connection of Shakespeare. This is life. This is hurt. This is what happens when love goes wrong. And it's right here. On our stage. In our wonderful city. Theatre at its most powerful and moving. Not being made easy. But being made . . .

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When Shakespeare Connects Photo

Relaxing at Improv

Shared by Seth Van Camp Relaxing at Improv Photo

I still remember how accommodating and kind the staff and performers were at Rapid Fire Theatre when I first began to attend their shows back in 2012. It was one of the few places I could go as a youth and be treated like and adult. The caliber of talent that would continuously show up every week kept me coming back and eventually led me to take a stronger interest in Edmonton theatre productions. A strong arts community forces individuals to take a look through someone else' perspective, which has become all the more important given the political climate over the last couple of years. It's important that we yearn to understand each other, or at least attempt to hear the full story of someone who opposes your opinion. I feel as though the many satires, comedies, and improv sessions I've seen have done just that, but in a playful way. I'm thankful for that. I envision the growth of Edmonton's arts community taking hold across the city and providing opportunity to a larger variety of Edmontonians, so we can basque in the glow of homegrown talent together.

Relaxing at Improv Photo

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