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A Snorlax at the Legislature

Shared by Jacquelyn Cardinal A Snorlax at the Legislature Photo

The summer of 2016 will probably be remembered by most millennials as the summer of Pokemon Go.

It was a glorious 3 months of roaming in packs of excited, newly-extroverted twenty-somethings going to the places where many of us had not gone to play since childhood. In that process, the memories of these places were layered with the new, creating an effect of a double exposure photograph of growing and living in Edmonton.

One memory that stayed with me was when we were on a then-nightly tour of the Legislature grounds. It was a warm evening, so the area was packed with people just like me (and parents walking behind their kids) walking in random patterns across the lawns.

"SNORLAX!" Someone yelled in the distance, and like a shot we were off. Running, sprinting, across the lawn at the prospect of capturing this rare Pokemon.

In a few breathless minutes it turned out that I ended up capturing one. Many did not. As the spell lifted and we began to joke about our enthusiasm with the short-term family formed in the scrum, it felt like so many summer evenings when friendships formed and ended gently with being called home for supper or bed.

If I were to hope for a future of my life in Edmonton, it would be for more of those nights where we can turn Edmonton back into what it first was for so many of us: a playground.

A Snorlax at the Legislature Photo

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